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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

This Paintless Dent Repair technique, the dent is massaged our from behind the surface of a panel. Technicians will repair these dents using special PDR tools.



Spot Painting

Small scratches, small money. Spot repair allows small damages to disappear without a trace.

They are small, annoying and cost money. Ugly scratches in the paint, tiny bumps in the panel can disfugure quiet a lot on flawless car body. These small imperfections are the beginning of rust on your vehicles.

Beside the Paintless Dent Repair, Spot paint is another alternative method to repair your scratches and crack paint on your vehicle, damages will be repaired and the panel will be expertly mended and varnished..

What can be repaired with Spot painting(touch-up paint): Scratches approximately 4cm in length, on flat surfaces such as bonnet, roof and tailgate. Spot paint is most effective on lower parts of the car body and also scratches on vertical surfaces such as doors, bumper bar and side panels. All these can be repaired by this method. An accurate assessment of the feasibility of repairs can obtain personal consultation with our service master.



Synthetics Repair

Light scratches, cracks and scratches on the mirror, bumper or ornamental and cover strips are carefully repaired by gluing and welding of the plastic and glasses.



Glass repair innovation and renewal

Tear or crack in the view of the driverside viewing area? We repair chip or small crack in windscreens with rock fall damges. Chip or crack is disapeared and your windscreen is completely renewed.



Rockfall repair in the car pane from 0, - Euro*

A stone chip in the windscreen is annoying and it makes sense to repair. You should not ignore rock fall damage on the windscreen because even with the slightest damage is a safety risk due to the weight-bearing element. It is not always required to replace the whole new windscreen.

If the crack is not in the viewing area of the driver, we can repair small “splinter star᾿ fast and at a reasonable cost. A special resin is injected into the crack area and the glass is returned to its old strength. We repair crack windscreen in no time.

*For part insurance cover and comprehensive insurance there are no costs. The deduction is not taken up in most cases by assurances. The damage freedom discount remains unchanged.

If you don’t have a part insurance cover or a comprehensive insurance for your car, it only cost 80 Euro to repair rock fall damage (small chip or crack on windscreen).


Leather, velour, and vinyl repair

Our experts will remove damages in the dashboard, holes by distant mobile phone fixtures, fire holes (cigarette butt) or drafts to leather seats can also be repaired quickly and only at a small cost.


The cost-efficient
method of repair!