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Gentle Car Body Repair

Customary repair methods take time and money, above all the necessary steps such as removal and replacing, sanding, filing, spraying paint and drying. With Dellenexpert paintless dent repair customers save up to 60% of repair costs. As the original paint remains untouched, there is no worry about colour variations. Furthermore, the values of some vehicles are preserved legally by the classification in the status accident vehicle. With the gentle repair technology used by master Gorek, bigger body damage to the vehicles has clean and accurate finish. This also applies to aluminium body vehicles.


Body repair

Using a combination of Press- stick and hammer tap-down technique with conventional methods of car body repair in the strip-light tunnel, we repair all damages (also aluminium car bodies) in such a way that the paint restores almost without dimples on paint construction. Especially when repairing large panels such as roof (turret) or bonnet, it is very important that the all panels are illuminated so the complete extent of the damage is visible. With the customary repair, when the varnished surface (panel) is damaged the reflection of the light is invisible that is why the painter cannot achieve perfect result. But we keep the original paint undamaged and panel unbroken and only pull out the dent on the panel.


Conventional repair

When the damage to the vehicle is too severe to repair with small levers and take time to repair the damage, at Dellenexpert we can repair your vehicle professionally according to car body craft standards and we can organise rental cars while your car is repaired. Master Gorek have over 25 years of experience in dealing with all insurance issues.