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The main focus of our company is the removal of hail damage on the vehicles WITOUT the cost of new cost of varnish (the car keeps the original factory paint), removing of parking dent and damages in transit with the gentle repair technology.

Beispielbilder lackierfreie Instandsetzung

What is Gentle Repair?

Gentle Repair is an innovative technique which uses Press Technique, Glue Pulling System and the Hammertreib technique (Tap down technique) without the damage to the original paint on your car. With the special illuminating light system (strip light tunnel) we can access the damages on the surfaces of the vehicle which clearly illuminate small irregularities to the panel of the vehicle. Due to the high elasticity of the paints used on the vehicle, Gentle repair technology can also be used on and around corners of vehicle without re-spraying of paint.

Our strip-light tunnel

With our special strip-light tunnel, we put new standards in the quality of our work. In the stripe light tunnel, even the smallest unevenness on the surface of the panels are visible. This key elements (strip-light tunnel) that we use to provide precise damage evaluations and guarantee consistent and accurate result.

Detailed documentation of the damages can be created in the strip-light tunnel using high quality digital photos. These images will be used to evaluate the damages in order to create calculations for "DAT - hail damage centre" respectively "Audatex hail expert". This calculation method corresponds to the situation in the insurance industry in Germany.